Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Art Bead Scene Challange

I have been following the Art Bead Scene for a while now and have challenged myself make an entry for the month. This month's painting is View of the Pond at Charleston, East Sussex by Vanessa Bell.

I really liked the colors in this painting and tried to use the dark rose, peach, green and warm beige.
I made a cane using these colors and tried to imagine walking through the area around the pond. I pictured some stepping stones or the tiles around the window sill and came up with a design that I felt
could relate my feelings to the painting.
The result are these beads that are round coin shape with the look of stepping stones with green areas around them.

I do so love following the Art Bead Scene and visit the site almost everyday that I can. They always have interesting  and inspiring posts and great tips.

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Terri said...

These are soooo cool! Great interpretation for the challenge!