Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Owl Delicious

I could not wait to get Deb Hart's Tutorial from Craftartedu. It captivated me and I have made lots of beads, but I have never done cane sculpting before. It is a great tutorial with clear concise instructions. My owl is not perfect of course, but I would not expect him to be.
I began by making the canes described in the tutorial. For the feather cane I used blue, white and turquoise, since those were the colors that I wanted for my owl. Here are the canes that I used - the eye cane and the peacock cane I had already made for another project.

I had never made a project this involved before and was surprised at all the steps that needed to be completed before I even got to start adding the cane slices. It is definitely a labor of love.
Here is what my owl looks like:

I made some mistakes of course but I am quite pleased with the way that my owl came out in the end. I  may just hang him in my studio for inspiration, as I now have a number of new ideas in mind to use this method. Thank you Deb for an excellent tutorial and I had a lot of fun making this guy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I love making things. I guess that I always have. My Mom and I would craft together. She would make all sorts of things to sell at the church bazaar to make money for the church. She passed away several years ago, but when I make beads with flowers I always think of her, because she loved flowers. I have been making beads for a long time and mostly think of making jewelry with my beads. I had these brass bookmark hooks for a long time and I decided that I needed to so something with them.
I used waxed linen cord and some of my birds and hearts to make some bookmarks for Mother's day or graduation. I think that they came out really pretty will definitely will be making more.